Yom Ha'atzmaut/Israel Independence Day Guest Speaker: Thursday, 4/23

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Welcome Rachel Winner, Project and Development Manager of The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development in Jerusalem. Learn about the Israeli-Palestinian/interfaith cooperation work that “Interfaith Sustain” is doing in Jerusalem and the larger area especially in this Shmita year.

Shifting Consciousness in the Age of Climate Change presents climate change as a fundamentally spiritual problem, namely in the context of our relationship with economics; and provides suggestions and solutions with regard to reframing our consciousness for a more sustainable future.

Rachel will share her story as a young professional in the field of social justice and sustainable development; coming to Jerusalem to explore the rich complexities of this shared and tense land, and her own multi-faith identity within it.

Rachel Winner is a young professional working in sustainable development in the Holy Land. She is the Director of Outreach and Events for the United Planet Faith and Science Initiative. This nascent coalition-based initiative, which serves to unite faith and science leaders to address climate change, is a project sponsored by the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development in Jerusalem, for which Rachel is a Project Manager.


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