Yamim Nora'im - Days of Awe and Sukkot 5783

Yamim Noraim - High Holy Days 5783/2022

(online and in-person)

Pre-registration required for all services

Returning to the Home of Our Soul:

The Long Path: Hindsight - Insight - Foresight 


As we gather in person and on-line 

We will enter the New Jewish Year of 5783 together. 

Who will we become during these times, individually and communally? 

Each of us have had discoveries and losses, breakthroughs and disappointments, moments of isolation and meaningful connections.


The Yamim Noraim - The Days of Awe, ask us to face the truth of our circumstance, strengthen communal bonds to live in solidarity with all beings, and explore for the long haul, the connections and tools for resiliency.

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We welcome all who wish to share the many blessings of the Yamim Nora'im, the Days of Awe. We are proud to continue our tradition of opening our doors wide during this sacred season of prayer and reflection. We do not require tickets. However, all members, guests and visitors must register in advance for in-person and zoom online access for the Holy Days.


Whether attending all of our services or just one, in person (with Covid protocols) or online, your generous contribution enables us to offer ticket-free High Holiday services. The suggested donation to support Mishkan Shalom in these times is $180 and contributions of any amount are appreciated. Guests who become members by December 1, 2022 may apply their donation towards their membership deposit. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Rabbi Shawn Zevit's Rosh Hashana Video- and Sermon Text:

Lynn Iser and Mordechai Liebling: RH Day 2 Talk

Zichronot: Remembering- Anndee Hochman

Yizkor: David Bradley: Opening Up to the Hard Rain

Rabbi Waxman’s Judaism and Resilience talk- Shabbat Sukkot


Jewish Exponent: Rabbi Shawn discussed the tradition of building a sukkah




Offerings from prior High Holy Days:

Below you will see listings of additional High Holy Day sermons and talks, including this year's. Enjoy them as you enter this new year. 

In the spirit of the Jewish New Year, and in commitment to our ongoing work towards ending racism, antisemitism, white supremacist systems and prejudice of all kinds- we offer you this reflection and ritual blessing for the year ahead

5781-2020Reverend Mark Tyler, Kohenet Shoshana Bricklin Haftarah and Rabbi  Shawn Zevit Sermon

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