Yamim Nora'im - Days of Awe 5783

Yamim Noraim - High Holy Days 5783/2022


Who have we become during these pandemic times?  Each of us have had discoveries and losses, breakthroughs and dissappointments, moments of isolation and meaningful connections.

As we sound the shofar, we will return to each other and begin again.

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Offerings from prior High Holy Days:

Below you will see listings of additional High Holy Day sermons and talks, including this year's. Enjoy them as you enter this new year. 

In the spirit of the Jewish New Year, and in commitment to our ongoing work towards ending racism, antisemitism, white supremacist systems and prejudice of all kinds- we offer you this reflection and ritual blessing for the year ahead

5781-2020: Reverend Mark Tyler, Kohenet Shoshana Bricklin Haftarah and Rabbi  Shawn Zevit Sermon

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