Yamim Nora'im: All Are Welcome at Ticketless High Holy Day Services

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During the holidays there are many opportunities to hear teachings from our Rabbis and from members. Below is a list of sermons and talks offered, please click the links to read, or download them. 

~ Rabbi Shawn Israel Zevit and Rabbi Yael Levy ~

Mishkan Shalom Yamim Nora'im 5779

Our 30th Year/Our “Lamed” Year

Still Learning, Striving, Caring

This year we celebrate our 30th Yamim Noraim together as a sacred community. From generation to generation, we ReGenerate our commitment to our vision and ideals. Using the mystical tool of Gematria, where numbers are transformed into letters, the number 30 is the Hebrew letter "Lamed" and is our guidepost for the year.

Lamed means to learn and serves as the root for lilmod, to embody and li’lamed, to teach. Lamed is also used as a direction toward action – to move toward or to become. As we look beyond our 30th/Lamed year we turn to our Statement of Principles and re-embrace these foundational tenets to keep us moving toward the actions required in these times.  We will learn, embody, teach and walk toward them with renewed communal dedication. We will explore how we take care of ourselves as we heal a broken world.

We join together for these High Holy Days and Fall Festivals to discover what lies ahead for us as we ReGenerate and celebrate our sacred connections to community and the world.

If you attended the services and are not a member of Mishkan Shalom, we invite you to make a donation to help us keep our services free and open to the public. Please click here to make your donationsAll donations are tax-deductible.


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