"Water Me!" Cry Mishkan's Gorgeous Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, Grasses...

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Sign-up for one hour to keep our site green and growing this summer!

Now is the time to plan for summer watering! We need a volunteer each week, willing to haul hoses for an hour or so, May through August. The greater the number of volunteers, the fewer times any one of us needs to show up.

The Spring sun has finally arrived, soon to be followed by summer heat.

Our site looks great, thanks to the efforts of the Dalet Class (lining our stream with stones, creating fencing with red sticks and yarn), the Site Stewards and the professional help of Brian Boyd. Earlier groups planted bulbs, whose shoots are now poking through the soil. Our slope has been cleaned and precious young trees have been planted.

A continued cool Spring may mean that May volunteers are off the hook, while a stormy summer may help July volunteers…but we need to cover 18 weeks. Your watering will make a difference.

Questions? Contact Linsey Will or (267) 639-4760.

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