Vayigash, Approaching

Ani yosef—I am Joseph. 

With these few words Joseph reveals himself to his brothers. 

He reclaims his past and stands in the truth of the present moment.

He tells his brothers, 

I am my every experience. 

I am here,

We are all here,

Through the force of the Great Mystery that flows through our words, our actions, our circumstances. 

We all are the result of the unfathomable unfolding of life.   


Joseph says to us:

The design of our lives take shape beyond anything we can ever understand. 

And instead of trying to figure it all out,

Instead of trying to make rational sense of all the twists and turns

Let us notice the ways the strands of our lives are woven together

And seek to approach each moment with  

With Courage, Forgiveness and Love.

Shabbat Shalom Blessings to All


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