The Omer Guides have arrived!

This year's revised Omer Guide has arrived and is available for purchase, either by Internet order or at Mishkan Shalom.

In the first edition of "Journey through the Wilderness: Counting the Omer," Rabbi Yael collected many of the teachings and Psalm translations that she had been sharing with us for years in classes and in emails. This year's guide includes many additions and refinements: Hebrew is included for all the Psalms (something we didn't have the capability to do before). What's most special to me are four new pages for Shavuot, including Rabbi Yael's translations of the "Ten Utterances."

Last year, in the weeks leading to Shavuot, I practiced chanting the Ten Utterances and was having real problems with the Second Commandment, the part that forbids any sculptured images and goes on to say, "For I the LORD your God am an impassioned God, visiting the guilt of the parents upon the children, upon the third and upon the fourth generations of those who reject Me." I found that Yael's translation transformed it for me: "You cannot grasp or hold me. Do not strive for certainty. Do not seek permanence."

I'm looking forward to seeing what new insights this year's counting brings.

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