High Holy Days Donations for Attending All Services 5779

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We welcome all who wish to share the many blessings of the Yamim Nora'im, the Days of Awe. We are proud to continue our tradition of opening our doors wide during this sacred season of prayer and reflection. We do not require tickets. Whether attending all of our services or just one, your generous contribution enables us to offer ticket-free High Holiday services.

The suggested donation for attending all High Holiday services is $360.00. Donations for more than one person attending all services can be made by changing the number in the "Qty." box on the next page.

Guests who become members by November 1, 2018 may apply their donation towards their membership deposit. All donations are tax-deductable.

Please provide your name and address below so we can acknowledge your donation for tax and other purposes.

Thank you for your generous donation for the 5779 High Holidays.

Price: $360.00

Please provide complete name & address.

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