Spiritual Life Overview of Offerings

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Spiritual Life Overview of Offerings

Observe, Celebrate, Explore

We warmly welcome you to observe and celebrate with us, to explore and deepen your own spiritual life in an open and supportive community. As a Reconstructionist congregation, all services are participatory and egalitarian. Transliteration for Hebrew prayers and readings are integrated into our prayer books.

We hold Shabbat and Holiday services year-round, a variety of weekly and monthly weekday offerings and Rosh Hodesh Celebrations September through June, with regular summer Torah study and Shabbat mornings.

Spiritual Direction, Healing and Resilience, and Meditation Circles are held September through June.

Our first Torah, entrusted to our care, belonged to the Jews of Uherske Hradiste, who perished in the Holocaust. We honor their memories each year in a special service of remembrance.

We have additional annual special themed Shabbatot for Human Rights (December), MLK Racial Justice and Economic Dignity Weekend (January), Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion (JDAIM, February), Yad L'Yad: Volunteer Recognition Shabbat, Weekend in the Woods annual retreat, Summer Friday night Shabbat Under the Stars among others.

We are proud to have nurtured, Emirita Rabbi Yael Levy's trail-blazing A Way In Jewish Mindfulness Organization.

In addition, Mishkan Shalom offer twice monthly Family and twice-monthly Friday night services, one of them preceded by a Tot program and Veggie Pot-Luck (when possible). All services, gatherings and Shabbat lunches are free and open to all, with members rotating in sponsoring according to our Brit Mishkan- Covenant of Membership.

Detailed descriptions of all offerings, including leaders and scheduled gatherings, can be accessed from the main menu (above) or these links:

Shabbat Offerings

Holidays: Observance & Celebrations

Rosh Hodesh Monthly Celebrations

Spiritual Direction

Uherske Vradiste Community & Torah

Spiritual Life Video Resources

Welcome New and Prospective Members

If you'd like to know more about our community, if you're considering becoming a member, if you're a new member still getting to know us, we'd be so pleased if we could help ease your way.

If you plan on attending services for the first time and would like someone to meet you at services, someone from the Membership Committee would be happy to do so. Please e-mail rabbishawn@mishkan.org.

If you come to any service or gathering in-person or online, please don't hesitate to introduce yourself to Rabbi Shawn or the service/program leader, or a member of Mishkan Shalom.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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