Silence is Praise

A Way In Jewish Mindfulness

To You, God, silence is praise.

Fulfilled is the person who chooses to draw near

And dwell with you,

Who opens to the goodness of your presence.

In awe we witness You

In the bringing forth of the morning and

And as the evening sings with joy.

We see you in the fields cloaked with sheep

And in the valleys enveloped in grain.

The fields, the valleys, the sheep shout with gladness.

They even sing.

All this revealed

In our praise of silence. 

-Psalm 65: 1,5,9,14


Tending the Fire: Jewish Mindfulness teachings and suggestions for practice by Rabbi Yael Levy.

A perpetual fire shall be kept burning on the altar - it shall not go out. -Leviticus 6:6


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