Shavuot: Celebrate our Feast of Weeks

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Mishkan Shalom offers gatherings and resources to help you prepare for and celebrate Shavuot.

Celebrate Shavuot:

May 19th @7:30 pm - midnight (3rd floor)

7:30-8:15pm welcoming/songs and stories with R. Shawn, R. Marcia, Hazzan Jack, Maggid Melvin Metelits and Jackie Jonas (Chapel)

8:15pm- meditation and study space (Chapel/Library)

9-9:30pm- Maariv and Havdallah (Chapel)

9:30pm - 10pm  - feast on healthy snacks (Heschel-King Room)

10:00 pm - 11pm    first small-group learning session

1. “ Unravelling Revelation - a guided journey hosted by Rabban Gamliel and a few of his closest friends”, with Elissa Jaffe  - The Tallis Project is called “Tallis A Story”  (Sanctuary)

2.  Rabbi Marcia Prager: BE HOLY.. BUT WHAT IS THAT? The Voice that summoned us to Mt. Sinai, and calls to us ever since, rings out this plea, “Be holy, because I am Holy.” We are asked to “Be Kadosh.” But what is that? Is there an everyday variety of holiness that we can aspire to? Let’s allow Torah, Heschel, Einstein and our circle of friends to help us find out. (Chapel)


11:00 pm - midnight      second small-group learning session

1. Tobie Hoffman - Al Shloshah D’varim Ha Olam Omed: The World Stands on Three Things-But Which Three? 

The World Stands on Three Things is a well-known adage studied and sung,  (10,000 variations on youtube alone ). Yet throughout the generations there have been different versions of the most important virtues that made the short list. In this session we will look at those proposed by different sages as passed down from Sinai to the elders and the prophets and then have a chance in small groups to decide for ourselves. (Library)

2. Rabbi Shawn Zevit: Down/Uploading The Tree of Life- A study and experience exploring Non-Dual Approaches to Tikkun Hanefesh V’Olam (Spirituality and Activism) and What Revelation is waiting for us this night. (chapel) 

Midnight- outdoor chanting of Ezekiel with Kohenet Shoshana Bricklin and Friends (outside on grounds lower level weather permitting)

Preparing for Shavuot:

Shavuot: Revelation and Release

Read Rabbi Shawn Zevit's blogpost by clicking on the link above.

Learn about Shavuot Traditions

The Ten Commandments, Revelation -- receiving the Law -- at Sinai, having an all-night study session, reading from the Book of Ruth, eating dairy foods, King David, papercutting...many traditions are associated with this third of the traditonal pilgrimage holidays. For a quick guide, click here.

Staying Mindful on Shavuot

Shavuot urges us to engage our imagination, to cultivate awe. It also calls us to listen for the Ten Devarim (“10 utterances,” not “commandments,” as named in the Torah) and consider their meaning in our lives.                              

-- Rabbi Yael Levy, from Staying Mindful on Shavuot, published in the Jewish Exponent

Read Rabbi Yael's beautiful article, including her interpretation of The Ten Utterances, by clicking on the link above.

Shavuot Resources from Rabbi Shawn Zevit and the Reconstructionist Movement

Spirituality: Tikkun L'eyl Shavuot: The Many Paths to Revelation of Torah [PEARL audio program]

Listen to Heart, Mind and Spirit [audio program on Shavuot]

Resources from the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

Resources from the Shalom Center


Shavuot Resources from Rabbi Yael Levy

The Infinite Breaks Through: A Teaching for Shavuot from Rabbi Yael

Tending the Fire: Jewish Mindfulness Teachings and Suggestions for Practice

Resources for a Mindfulness approach to experiencing Shavuot found here: A Way In: Center for Jewish Mindfulness.


Wishing you a Hag Sameah...a happy holiday!

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