Shavuot: Celebrate our Feast of Weeks

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On Thursday evening, 5/28, celebrate the Festival of Shavuot with Pnai Or and Mishkan Shalom's R. Shawn Zevit, R. Marcia Prager, Hazzan Jack Kessler and guest teachers throughout the night as we open to what the Torah of our times has to reveal to us. Will include connection time from 7:30-8:00pm, Service from 8:00-8:30pm, then a variety of learning sessions, meditation, discussion, song and midnight chanting of the Prophet Ezekiel's message.

Meeting ID: 865 6331 9981   

Password: 295434

7:30pm- Gathering at the foot of the mountain- arrive quietly as music plays, welcoming and centering practice

8:00-8:30pmErev Shavuot service- R. Marcia and Hazzan Jack 

8:30- 9:00pm- Offering #1- R. Shawn (introduces and facilitates after) Carol Towarnicky chanting and Aseret Hadibrot/The Ten Utterances)

9:00-9:15PM- live chant/music- Hazzan Jack Kessler

9:15pm- 10:00pm- Offering #2- using the arts and prayerfulness- Rabbi Tsurah August 

10:00 - 10:30 - Offering # 3 -teaching from RABBI PHYLLIS BERMAN- Revelation never stops if we know how to sh'ma/listen! Tuning in to the subtle messages from the Universe, from Life, from G!D, from the earth seems more possible in this quieter, slower, more crucial time of life-and-death that we're now living in the midst of.  Hear the trees speaking to us in the magnificent introduction to The Overstory: A Novel by Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Powers.

10:30 ish- 11:00 PM- Breakout groups: "What has the Torah of the recent and ongoing global crisis revealed to you? Where has the Sacred been more apparent than before for you both in grief and loss as well as connection and change?"

11:00pm- 11:30pmOffering #4- Analesa Berg “Tikkun HaNefesh, Healing the Soul with The Alphabet of Vibration: Hebrew Letter Mandalas for Peace” 

In the style of early Kabbalists and 16th-century mystics of Safed, Analesa will use her original art series, The Alphabet of Vibration: Keys of Genesis, to relate the Hebrew letters to our bodies and use them in meditative ways. This interactive session will help you slow down, trust your inner wisdom, expand your creativity, and cultivate peace in your life. Download the handout, listed below, and bring optional coloring pencils/markers if you wish.

11:30-11:35 pm brief niggun interlude

11:35 - Midnight Offering # 5- Guided experience with Rabbi Mordechai Liebling and Lynne Iser- What the Planet is Telling Us- exploring what the Earth is revealing to us in these pandemic times.

Midnight- (Kohenet Shoshana Bricklin)- Chanting from the Book of Ezekiel to mark the midnight hour and deepen the Shavuot experience.

12:15-12:30pm- (R. Shawn) closing reflection by all- People are free to go to other offerings through the night:

To continue after 12:30am: Recon Judaism- offerings on the hour through dawn: Register at: or

Preparing for Shavuot:

Shavuot: Revelation and Release

Read Rabbi Shawn Zevit's blogpost by clicking on the link above.

Learn about Shavuot Traditions

The Ten Commandments, Revelation -- receiving the Law -- at Sinai, having an all-night study session, reading from the Book of Ruth, eating dairy foods, King David, papercutting...many traditions are associated with this third of the traditonal pilgrimage holidays. For a quick guide, click here.

Staying Mindful on Shavuot

Shavuot urges us to engage our imagination, to cultivate awe. It also calls us to listen for the Ten Devarim (“10 utterances,” not “commandments,” as named in the Torah) and consider their meaning in our lives.                              

-- Rabbi Yael Levy, from Staying Mindful on Shavuot, published in the Jewish Exponent

Read Rabbi Yael's beautiful article, including her interpretation of The Ten Utterances, by clicking on the link above.

Shavuot Resources from Rabbi Shawn Zevit and the Reconstructionist Movement

Spirituality: Tikkun L'eyl Shavuot: The Many Paths to Revelation of Torah [PEARL audio program]

Listen to Heart, Mind and Spirit [audio program on Shavuot]

Resources from the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

Resources from the Shalom Center


Shavuot Resources from Rabbi Yael Levy

The Infinite Breaks Through: A Teaching for Shavuot from Rabbi Yael

Tending the Fire: Jewish Mindfulness Teachings and Suggestions for Practice

Resources for a Mindfulness approach to experiencing Shavuot found here: A Way In: Center for Jewish Mindfulness.


Wishing you a Hag Sameah...a happy holiday!

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