Shabbat Vayetze

Jacob lays himself on the earth

And with a stone as a pillow

Enters into a dream.

A channel between the earth and the heaven appears

And messengers fill the spaces in-between.

And right there, beside him,

The Divine Presence stands.

You are here for a reason, the One says,

You are here to be of service.

To be of blessing

To break through what you thought was possible

And create something that has yet to be.

Jacob wakes up in amazement and fear.

He blesses the earth

Asks for guidance

And sets out to live into the call.


As we each wake up to hamakom hazeh, to this place, to this moment,

May we know we are here for a reason:

We are here to be of service.

We are here to bring forth blessing.

And thought at times it makes sense to be afraid

Let’s not be stopped by our fear.

Let’s take our places together, in these channels between the earth and the heavens

As messengers for the Most High

As messengers for love, for blessing, for compassion, for peace.


Shabbat shalom.

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