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Welcome to Mishkan Shalom's Congregational School

The School serves youth from pre-school through high school and aims to develop a growing knowledge of the breadth and depth of Jewish religion, civilization and culture. It does so through a dynamic and interactive curriculum featuring the study of Hebrew, Torah, rituals, holidays, history and ethics. We pay particular attention to textual and liturgical traditions as tools for living with Jewish social, spiritual and political consciousness.

In addition to a core curriculum, the program provides opportunities for delving deeper into particular subjects as well as opportunities for going beyond the curriculum into areas of special interest. We do this through the following core components:


The school’s faculty is made up of experienced educators with a profound love and knowledge of Judaism and the desire and skill to nurture their students’ intellectual, spiritual and social growth through a rigorous and creative curriculum. The curriculum is age-appropriate and sequentially-linked, building on students’ learning from one year to the next.


MEET OUR WONDERFUL TEACHERS and learn more about their classes. (Updates for 5779 coming soon.)


The school welcomes and encourages parent involvement through class celebrations, service days and family events. Adult classes regularly supplement and support the topics and themes the children are learning.

Mishkan Shalom’s School Co-Op utilizes our communal resources to share the responsibilities and tasks needed to implement our ambitious educational program.  It is as integral and as much a commitment as the monetary tuition and membership payment tp Mishkan Shalom.  We depend on everyone to honor this responsibility and believe that adult participation benefits us all.

Every family who registers a child in the school automatically becomes a School Co-Op member.  Members must sign up for a co-op duty when registering their children for the coming school year.  The only exceptions are Board and Committee Members and Teachers.


The School encourages students to see themselves as part of the Mishkan Shalom community as a whole and the broader Jewish community -- locally, nationally and internationally -- including the State of Israel. Through its curriculum and activities, the school aims to foster in a students a strong, positive Jewish identity as well as a commitment to living the values of love, kindness, respect, justice and integrity.

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