Rosh Hodesh Iyar

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The month of iyar begins as we enter into the third week of the omer—the week of tiferet.  Iyar radiates light, healing and the continual opportunity for second chances.

The light of iyar is illuminated in the spring days which grow longer all month, it glows from its Biblical name ziv which means radiance and it shines from its name, iyar

The healing of iyar comes from the crossing of the sea.  After the Israelites stepped into the waters and made it to the shores of a new life they sang, celebrated and then touched into great fear. In that moment God said to them, “I am yod heh vav heh your healer.”  Iyar is an acronym for that promise the One has made to us:  In life’s journey we will  continually face the seas of struggle, celebration, fear and joy, and in all of it God says, “I am your healer.”  (Exodus 15:26)

Iyar is a month of second chances because the full moon of iyar provides the opportunity to make up for something that had been missed.  During Temple times it was considered essential for a person’s spiritual and material well being to compete a sacrificial offering for Passover.  If circumstances kept someone from making his offering he was given another opportunity on the 15th of the month of iyar to do so.  Iyar says it is never too late—no matter what situation we find ourselves in, no matter how far away we have traveled from or intentions or goals, it is possible to find our way back. 

The light of Iyar shines with radiance guiding us forward by teaching we will go through days of light and beauty, seas of turmoil and challenge—and always God will be present with us.  We don’t have to be afraid of going forward--there is always the potential for renewal and opportunities for second chances that will open the way toward healing.

May this month come to us and all people for blessing and peace.

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