The Ten Utterances

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In our ancestors' quest to experience the Mystery and remember the One who brings forth and fills all life, they gathered together and listened. In the silence of the desert, in the stillness of their own souls, they heard the Mystery speak. “These words,” our ancestors said, “are the foundation upon which we and our children’s children will grow.”

“Listen,” our ancestors say to us, “this is what we heard."

1. I am all there is. I am the source of all life. I am the power of transformation calling you forth to be.

2. You cannot arrest me in motion. You cannot grasp or hold me. Do not worship what is of your own making.

3. Do not use my name in the pursuit of violence, terror, destruction.

4. Stop, Rest, Pause, every day, every week.

5. Honor where you have grown from. Honor those upon whose shoulders you stand.

6. Do not murder.

7. Do not betray.

8. Do not steal.

9. Do not speak falsely of others.

10. Feel the fullness of your life. Do not yearn for what others have. Do not seek to compare yourself with others. Feel filled with what your life brings.

-- Translation by Rabbi Yael Levy

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