About Jewish Mindfulness

Jewish mindfulness cultivates moment-to-moment awareness using meditation and movement that is deeply-rooted in traditional texts and the teachings of the medieval Jewish mystics,

Meditation helps quiet the mind and calm its chatter, stories and wanderings. It is not in the nature of the mind to be still, but through practice we can quiet the self in order to notice the wisdom that is arising. Mindful movement is a complement to meditation, strengthening the mind and body connection.

Among the “ways in” to Jewish Mindfulness are spiritual practices particular to our tradition, like observing Shabbat or kashrut. Teachings that grow out of the cycles of Jewish time also can provide entry points to practice.

Mindfulness deliberately focuses on the present, not memories of the past or plans for the future, but it can lead to profound change --  in our bodies and minds, and in our perspectives.

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