Rectification of Vision

  Today is the 5th of Tammuz, the exact date, according to the Book of Ezekiel, of the prophet's awesome vision.

As the text has it, Ezekiel was by the river Chebar, which means "already." There, reflected in the water, he had an experience of God beyond rational thought. Ezekiel's story is the haftorah for Shavuot and here, a month later, the question comes again: Whatever we look into, can we see a reflection of the divine?

The rabbis teach that he entire month of Tammuz is about the “rectification of vision,” about how we see and what we see. It is a time to notice that our perception is shaped by our perspective, by our habits and our routines. So how do we break out of that to see what’s really there rather than what we expect to see there, rather than what we want to see or are afraid to see?


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