Psalm 27 for Elul: Translation by Rabbi Yael Levy

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It is traditional to recite Psalm 27 every morning during the month of Elul, the time of intense preparation for the new year. Here is a translation by Rabbi Yael Levy. You can download a free pdf of the psalm here.

To the Beloved,

The Infinite Presence is my light and expanse, whom should I fear?

The Infinite Presence is the strength of my life, what shall I dread?

When forces come close

     Seeming to devour me,

     When narrowness threatens,

     And opposition attacks,

     All that is menacing stumbles and falls.

Even as an army of mistrust besieges me

     My heart does not fear.

Even as thoughts and desires rise up against me

     I still have trust.

One thing I ask of the Infinite,

One thing I seek,

To dwell in the Sacred Presence all the days of my life.

To awaken to the beauty of each moment

     As I pass through this world.

The Infinite shelters me as I encounter difficulty and pain.

The Infinite holds me close in deep and hidden places.

     And lifts me high upon a rock.

Now I can see through to what is true.

     And I will offer my gifts of thanks

     And I will sing and make music to the Infinite.

Please, Infinite One, Listen to my voice, hear my call.

Be gracious with me.

     Answer me.

You call to my heart, “Seek my Presence.”

Your Presence I seek.

Please do not hide from me.

Please do not let me turn away in anger.

      I long to serve.

You are my help.

Do not let me feel abandoned. Do not let me turn away.

      In you I am safe.

For my Mother and Father have left me

And it is you who gathers me in.

Teach me your ways. Guide me on the path of integrity.

There is so much to lead me astray.

Don’t let me give in to all that torments me,

       The lies, the illusions, the menacing threats.

I must have faith that I can see through all of this.

       I can see the good, the blessings, the ways of life.

Cultivate hope in the Infinite Presence.

Let your heart be strong and filled with courage.

Cultivate hope. 


Join A Way In as we prepare for 5777. Each Sunday this month, Rabbi Yael is posting teachings and practices for Elul, which also can be found on the A Way In web page and on Facebook and Twitter. Her kavanah for the month is here. 





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