Practice: A Generous Heart, a Generous Spirit

Welcome to first post of the "A Way In" blog, which we hope will provide an opportunity for us to share with each other some of the insights that come from Mindfulness Practice.

A new initiative of the A Way in minyan is to offer practices that arise from our sitting and reflecting together as a way to deepen our connection to each other and the teachings. What follows are possibilities for practice for this month as well as an invitation to reflect on what arises from these practices in the comment section below.

On Shabbat Vayakhel (Feb. 26), we listened to the call from the Torah to cultivate a generous heart, to open to the unbounded flow of love and generosity that flows through us and all the worlds.

We listened as the Torah instructed us to make a commitment to stop, to create time for reflection and discernment.

And we witnessed the Torah’s call to use our talents and abilities to seek and create beauty.

The natural inclination of the heart is to give and receive with generosity and love. And for all of us there are fears, doubts, stories and circumstances that create a barrier to this natural flow. The Torah portion of Vayahkel offers the following practices to help us cultivate and return to our nadiv lev and our nadivah ruach, our generous hearts and generous and spacious perspectives. The Torah is clear we take on these practices for the sake of each other and all the world.

Each day (or each week):

1. Mindfully do one act of generosity:

Give of your time, energy, resources, or money.
Give of your habitual mind-states —for example give up the insistence on being right—or having something go “your way.” Notice how this feels in your body.

2. Pausing:

Take a moment to stop in the middle of the day. For just a few moments turn away from the demands of the day and take three mindful breaths.

3. Be in the beauty:

Each day notice something beautiful. Breathe into the beauty. Feel the sensations in your body.


I look forward to seeing you at our next “Way in Minyan” on March 26.

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