POWER'S Moral Takeover of Harrisburg for Educational Justice: June 20 - 30

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Let your voice be heard in Harrisburg: June 29 Rabbi Day of Action

POWER and other faith-based organizations from across PA are planning a moral takeover of the Capitol in Harrisburg to let lawmakers know we won’t back down until they pass full, fair funding for our schools.

After Pennsylvania voters gave a clear mandate to lawmakers to fund public schools in November’s election, Harrisburg still isn’t listening. PA has the most unequally-funded public schools in the United States, including a racial bias towards districts with more white students. Across the state, in rural, suburban, urban, black, brown and white communities alike, our school districts have been underfunded for decades and our kids can't wait any longer for a 21st century education.

Gov. Wolf has proposed a modest increase to public education that is only 15% of what would fully fund schools. The House of Representatives proposed a budget with no new money for schools at all. Meanwhile, both want cuts in taxes for corporations. Clearly, we don't have a financial crisis in Pennsylvania, we have a moral one!

If our lawmakers won't do the right thing and listen to Pennsylvanians' real pain and experiences, we have no other choice but to go right to their doorstep and bring our values to them.

June 29, Rabbi Day of Action

Each day from June 20 - 30 will have a focus; June 29th being a "Rabbi Day of Action." If you can go to Harrisburg on that day, there will be activities planned throughout the day in which you can participate. If you can’t go, join a Mishkan Fast for Public School Funding.


Bring your voice, your prayers, and your body to Harrisburg. If you are going to Harrisburg on June 20 for the interfaith service, or want more information about the June 29th Rabbi Day of Action, please contact Lisagail Zeitlin or Julie Curie who will be coordinating the Mishkan contingent.

To learn more about POWER at Mishkan Shalom, contact any one of our Core Team Leaders:

Steve Newman and Lisagail Zeitlin, Co-chairs

Margaret Lenzi, Outreach Coordinator

Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Clergy Task Force Co-Chair

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