POWER: Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower & Rebuild

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Updated Training & Events with Mishkan’s GOTV Team

Mishkan’s POWER GOTV committee is organizing members to register voters, help them get mail-in ballots, and provide information, as events unfold, on the safest, most reliable ways to vote. Through POWER, we have two great platforms for accomplishing that.

OutVote App

OutVote is an easy-to-use App for sending brief, pre-loaded text messages to your contacts about voter registration and mail-in ballots. It is a simple and quick way to have impact! Here’s the schedule for the live, zoom trainings:

·       Wed, 9/16 from 7-8pm

·       Thurs, 9/24 from 6-7pm

·       Thurs, 10/8 from 7-8pm

·       Thurs, 10/15 from 7-8 pm

Sign up for OutVote Zoom Training

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8244494102?pwd=U3VKZlVhZ1BWU2hWUUFOaGVxRms2Zz09

Meeting ID: 824 449 4102

Passcode: 212798979

A great OutVote resource: Mishkan member, Lior Feldman, created a 35- minute training video to show you how to download and use the app. Here’s the link and password you’ll need to view the video:

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/v94oJJ7Ax0xOXYGRsXvhHZZ7I7W4T6a81CIaqPMEyk-kP6rq2oi-2SiIGjcFnSc4 Password: of35e@q$. When you’re setting up your account, you’ll be asked for the POWER Campaign Code, it is: 415347.

If you need help in using the app, contact OutVote support email: support@outvote.io. For information about OutVote, go to www.outvote.io.  If you have questions, please contact Sharon Weinman at sharonweinman@gmail.com.

Phone Banking

Mishkan and St. Vincent’s Church have organized virtual phone banks to reach voters who don’t vote or vote infrequently. The dates for the phone banks are:

·       Sunday, 9/13 from 4-7pm

·       Sunday, 10/4 from 4-7pm

·       Sunday, 10/18 from 4-7pm

·       Sunday, 11/1 from 4-7pm

Sign up here: POWER Phone Banking and we’ll send you everything you need to make calls.

Please contact Sharon Weinman at sharoncweinman@gmail.com

We welcome new members to our team!

The Mishkan POWER GOTV Team,

Lance Laver, Lior Feldman, Gail Bober, Sharon Weinman, Mindy Maslin, Julie Currie, Ellen Tichenor, Lynne Iser, Stacey Meadows



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