On the Shores of a New Wilderness Shabbat B'shallach

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Our ancestors stood at the sea,

Raging waters before them,

A pursing army at their back.

Bewildered and frightened they cried out.

And then, at dawn they stepped forward.

All of them together,

All of them at once.

And the sea open.

There was singing and dancing on the other side,

Great celebration and rejoicing.

Then the fear returned:

How will we live in this new wilderness?

Now what will be?


And here we are,

On the shores of a new wilderness.

How will we will in this new land and time?

We will draw strength from each other

And from the wisdom of the earth.

We will find ways to bring healing and ways to make bitter waters sweet.


We will raise our voices in song

And lift our hands together.

And in love, in reverence,

With laughter and tears

We will step forward into the wilderness,


And again and again.

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