Teachings for the Week of Tiferet

Balance within Love

Today is the third day of the Omer.
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To love the world so much that everyday something breaks open our hearts
Practice for today:
Make a commitment to pause three times today to notice and name something beautiful.
It can be something you see, feel, hear, taste, touch. Breathe the beauty into your body and let it rest upon your heart.
I open to this service bestowed upon me: To live mindfully To open my eyes and behold the wonders To know that in every moment, I am only passing through.
— Psalm 119:17-19

Balance Within Strength

Today is the tenth day, making one week and three days of the Omer.
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The beginning of wisdom is awe.
The strength of the spiritual warrior who remembers she is not the source of her power
— Psalm 111:10
She is the channel through which the Divine power flows.
Our lives are conceived in mystery, Our strength comes from the Most High. We bow to the Source of All
as we yield to the power that flows through us.
Practice for today:
Reflect on something you believe to be true. Feel the rightness,
the truth of this idea, this thought. Then say to yourself: I could be wrong. Sit with the sensations that arise.

Love Within Beauty

Today is the fifteenth day, making two weeks and one day of the Omer.
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The heart breaks open with the pain and joy of being alive and the radiance shines through the cracks. Being awake to our lives, we experience beauty and sorrow. May we open to receive it all with gentleness, kindness and love. Practice for today: Let your attention rest on something beautiful. Breath in its details, essence, fragrance. Feel the radiance spread through your body and give thanks. The mystery belongs to the Eternal But the earth was given to us. Not recognizing the beauty deadens the spirit. Turning away from gratitude hardens the heart. Together we offer praise and give thanks for all that is. — Psalm 115:16-18

Discernment Within the Heart

Today is the sixteenth day, making two weeks and two days of the Omer.
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I place the One before me always. Cultivating the strength to live what is true even when it is difficult We notice the joys, pain and challenges of our hearts, letting it all rise without judgment or shame. The shining through of whatever is true brings healing. Practice for today: Take notice of what hardens your heart and what allows your heart to soften. Say these verses for yourself and for people in your life with whom there is need for healing: May my (your) heart know happiness, May my (your) soul know joy and may my (your) whole being dwell in trust. — 27 — — Psalm 16:8 — Psalm 16:9

Balance Within the Heart

Today is the seventeenth day, making two weeks and three days of the Omer.
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Through right action I will awaken to the Divine Presence in all being. — Psalm 17:15 The natural inclination of the heart is to seek balance and truth, to be in harmony, to delight in beauty. And it is so easy to go astray, to lose our balance as confusion clouds our perceptions. It takes practice to return again and again to beauty and love. Practice for today: Take special notice of color and light. Let yourself be surprised by patterns, images and designs. When you feel off balance or notice that confusion arises, shift your attention by seeing and naming something beautiful, something that inspires love. Take notice, the Mystery calls, I am doing a new thing. Right now it is sprouting Suddenly you will know it. —— Isaiah 43:19

Endurance Within the Heart

Today is the eighteenth day, making two weeks and four days of the Omer.
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God brings me out into the expanse, God releases me because God desires me.
We are God’s desire. We are being called forth to live fully, To stand in strength
to let our lights shine.
Practice for today:
We ask ourselves, What do I have to let go of to move forward?
I will act compassionately toward all. I will remember that my strength comes from the Eternal.
— Psalm 18:20
— Psalm 18:2

Being Within Beauty

Today is the nineteenth day, making two weeks and five days of the Omer.
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The light, the wisdom, the glory that rises from the unfolding of creation The heavens declare the glory of God. The firmament tells of God’s works. Day after day utters speech, Night after night declares knowledge. There is no speech. There are no words. Not a sound is heard. Practice for today: — Psalm 19:2-4 Take notice of the sky and the glorious luminance of the day. Listen to the silence. Forgive yourself, forgive others. Remember that everything changes and unfolds in its own time. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be aligned with the Highest Will. — Psalm 19:15

Connection Within the Heart

Today is the twentieth day, making two weeks and six days of the Omer.
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The Mystery brings transformation. The One answers us in the moment we call. The wellspring rises from deep within the Mystery, filling the heart with truths. Sometimes these truths are welcome and easy to contain, sometimes they are painful and cause a shattering. There is great strength to be found in opening to whatever is coming forth. Practice for today: We ask ourselves: What am I meant to learn, to discover? What truths do I need to integrate? We pray for ourselves and nine others: May my (our) gifts be remembered. May my (our) offerings be received. May my (our) heart’s yearning be granted. May my (our) clearest intentions be fulfilled. — Psalm 20:10 — Psalm 20:4-5

Majesty Within Beauty

Today is the twenty-first day, making three weeks of the Omer.
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Beauty and love are made manifest through our words and actions. Each of us, all creation, celebrates the Divine. Our lives are our offerings. May we be grounded in compassion and truth. Practice for today: Make an extra effort to care for your physical well-being. Eat well. Walk. Exercise. Stretch. Stop for a moment, take a slow even deep breath and notice the life force that flows through you and into the world. The heart trusts the flow of the Mystery and the love of the Most High. It will not be shaken. — Psalm 21:8

Beauty That Endures

Today is the twenty-fourth day, making three weeks and three days of the Omer.
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The earth and all that is, is filled with Divine presence.
Beauty abounds. At times we can feel ourselves filled and surrounded by splendor. Other times all we can see is brokenness and pain. It is our responsibility to search out, notice and create beauty. And it is our responsibility to allow the beauty to inspire our empathy and encourage our acts of connection and love.
Practice for today:
Notice the beauty of nature and the beauty created by human hands. Notice what it feels like in your body to be with something beautiful. Name for yourself a way you bring beauty into this world.

Who ascends the high places? Who stands in holiness? Those with open hands and pure hearts, all who seek the presence.

— Psalm 24:1
— Psalm 24:3-4,6

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