Teachings for the Week of Chesed

Love within Love

Today is the first day of the Omer.
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The continual flow of love in the universe Love without limit The journey begins with an invitation to know that we are loved absolutely. This shall be my meditation day and night: I am loved, I am cherished for being exactly who I am. And through this love I bring forth blessing. Practice for today: Sit and bring attention to your breath. Feel the breath moving through your body. Notice the sensations as the breath enters in and as the breath goes forth. After a few minutes say to yourself, I am loved. Watch what happens in your body as you continue to say with each breath, I am loved. When you are ready, close the sit by saying to your heart, Through this love, I bring forth blessing. Fulfilled are those who walk in simplicity, guided by the Mystery. Content are those who are mindful of what is important And go forward with an open heart. Psalm 119:12Bb

Discernment Within Love

Today is the second day of the Omer.
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Defining the path
Creating practices that guide us in giving and receiving the Divine love
that flows through us and all the world
Practice for today: Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation We say this prayer for ourselves and others. Begin with yourself. Then pray — one at a time — for nine more people, making a minyan of blessing.
May I (you) be blessed with love, May I (you) be blessed with peace, May I (you) be blessed with well being.
With all my heart I seek the One.
— Psalm 119:10

Balance within Love

Today is the third day of the Omer.
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To love the world so much that everyday something breaks open our hearts
Practice for today:
Make a commitment to pause three times today to notice and name something beautiful.
It can be something you see, feel, hear, taste, touch. Breathe the beauty into your body and let it rest upon your heart.
I open to this service bestowed upon me: To live mindfully To open my eyes and behold the wonders To know that in every moment, I am only passing through.
— Psalm 119:17-19

Eternity Within Love

Today is the fourth day of the Omer.
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The transformative power of love and generosity The acts of kindness that change us and the world Cultivating the commitment to let what we most love and value guide
our actions.
Practice for today:
We ask ourselves: When am I acting from fear?
When am I acting from anger? What inspires me to act from love?
I will travel the path of connection for You have expanded my heart.
— Psalm 119:32

Presence Within Love

Today is the fifth day of the Omer.
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Being where we are rather than where we think we should be or where we wish we could be
Cultivating the capacity to be patient with ourselves and others, knowing that we are all doing the best we can in each moment
Practice for today:
Notice experiences and encounters that open your heart as well as experiences and encounters that cause you to close down and turn away. Practice noticing everything with non-judgmental awareness. Practice noticing everything with gentleness and compassion.
In your abundant chesed (love), I will enter your house. I will lay myself down in awe.
— Psalm 5:8

Rootedness Within Love

Today is the sixth day of the Omer.
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Sparks of Divinity are hidden within every person, within all experience, within all creation. Seeking these sparks, revealing these sparks, fills the world with love.
We breathe in the love that flows to us from past generations. Rooted in this love we go forward into the expanse.
Practice for today:
Take time to remember and honor the gifts and blessings you received from loved ones who have passed out of this world. Say their names aloud and give thanks for their lives.
May chesed, generous, abiding love, come through me.
— 15 —
— Psalm 119:41

Indwelling Presence of Love

Today is the seventh day, making one week of the Omer.
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The Mystery is my shield. The Mystery opens the path of the heart.
Freeing the path of the heart The Divine Presence calls, Wherever you are, there I am.
I abide with you.
Practice for today:
— Psalm 7:11
Notice acts of kindness and generosity that are bestowed upon you. Notice the moments you respond to yourself and others with love.
In the place I dwell — Let there be music In the darkness of night I will remember and guard the way. How to live will arise in me
as I remain mindful of the Divine presence within all being.
— Psalm 119:54-6

Love Within Strength

Today is the eighth day, making one week and one day of the Omer.
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What is it to be a human being — so vulnerable, so fragile, and at the same time only slightly less than gods, strong and powerful, crowned with splendor?
— Psalm 8:5-6
Feeling our power and strength and making the decision to infuse our actions with kindness and generosity
We ask ourselves in each encounter: What is the wise and compassionate choice?
Practice for today:
Judge everyone on the side of merit.
— 18 —
—— Pirke Avot 1:6

Love Within Beauty

Today is the fifteenth day, making two weeks and one day of the Omer.
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The heart breaks open with the pain and joy of being alive and the radiance shines through the cracks. Being awake to our lives, we experience beauty and sorrow. May we open to receive it all with gentleness, kindness and love. Practice for today: Let your attention rest on something beautiful. Breath in its details, essence, fragrance. Feel the radiance spread through your body and give thanks. The mystery belongs to the Eternal But the earth was given to us. Not recognizing the beauty deadens the spirit. Turning away from gratitude hardens the heart. Together we offer praise and give thanks for all that is. — Psalm 115:16-18

Love Within Vision

Today is the twenty-second day, making three weeks and one day of the Omer.
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Our acts of kindness and generosity endure. Trust in your capacity to act with compassion and notice how it feels in your body when you respond to yourself and others with empathy. Our loving actions bring forth healing. Practice for today: Ask yourself am I speaking truthfully? Is what I am saying helpful? Is what I am saying kind? Is what I am saying necessary and appropriate to the moment? For the sake of my brothers, my sisters and friends, I will speak for peace; For the sake of creation, I will seek well-being for all. — Psalm 22:27 — Psalm 122:8-9

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