Teachings for all Malchut/Sheckina days.

Indwelling Presence of Love

Today is the seventh day, making one week of the Omer.
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The Mystery is my shield. The Mystery opens the path of the heart.
Freeing the path of the heart The Divine Presence calls, Wherever you are, there I am.
I abide with you.
Practice for today:
— Psalm 7:11
Notice acts of kindness and generosity that are bestowed upon you. Notice the moments you respond to yourself and others with love.
In the place I dwell — Let there be music In the darkness of night I will remember and guard the way. How to live will arise in me
as I remain mindful of the Divine presence within all being.
— Psalm 119:54-6

Majesty Within Strength

Today is the fourteenth day, making two weeks of the Omer.
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We are all channels for the holy, here to be of service. Our lives are our offerings. May we serve with humility and strength. Practice for today: We ask ourselves, In what ways do I need to be more rigorous with myself? In what ways do I need to be more gentle? What are the practices and rituals that guide and sustain me? From the mystery, the Holy One gazes upon us to see if there is someone who has the good sense to seek God in all. — Psalm 14:2

Majesty Within Beauty

Today is the twenty-first day, making three weeks of the Omer.
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Beauty and love are made manifest through our words and actions. Each of us, all creation, celebrates the Divine. Our lives are our offerings. May we be grounded in compassion and truth. Practice for today: Make an extra effort to care for your physical well-being. Eat well. Walk. Exercise. Stretch. Stop for a moment, take a slow even deep breath and notice the life force that flows through you and into the world. The heart trusts the flow of the Mystery and the love of the Most High. It will not be shaken. — Psalm 21:8

The Flow of Eternity

Today is the twenty-eighth day, making four weeks of the Omer.
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Shechina Sh’b Netzach
A song of arising: Filled with abundance are those who honor the Mystery and follow the ways of the spirit.
— Psalm 128:1

We stand in the moment and feel our connection to all that came before us and all that will come after. We remember our grandparents, our great grandparents and all those whose actions have helped to create our lives. And we remind ourselves that we, right now, are shaping the world for those who will some day call us ancestors.

Practice for today:
Reflect on the world in which your grandparents lived. Imagine the world you would like to bestow on the next generation.
The Mystery is my strength and my shield. My heart trusts all that will unfold.
Psalm 28:7

Flow of Gratitude

Today is the thirty-fifth day, making five weeks of the Omer.
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The earth is filled with glory. Our lives are filled with goodness. As we notice the blessings and give thanks, we create a dwelling place for the Most High. Practice for today: Let these be the first words you say upon awakening: Modah ani—I am grateful. Through out the day pause ten times and offer gratitude. Give thanks for the food you eat, for a bea Offer praise for all that is. Stand in service and offer praise. Be in each moment and offer praise. Let your soul sing, feel all the goodness and offer praise. — Psalm 135: 1-3

Source Within Foundation

Today is the forty-second day, making six weeks of the Omer.
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Like a deer yearns for brooks and streams, my soul yearns for the Mystery. My soul thirsts for the Source of All, for the Source of all Life. The seeds of creativity, the sparks of clarity Vision, insight and wisdom arising We give thanks for all we have learned And pray to bring the blessings forward. Practice for today: — Psalm 42: 2-3 Take time to reflect on the experiences that have shaped you, the people that support you and the values that you stand on. We ask yourselves: What are my sacred values? Where are my roots planted? Who are my teachers? What wisdom do I hope to pass on? Offer this prayer for yourself and places in the world that need healing: Sim shalom, tova, uvracha, chayim, chen, v’chesed, v’rachamim aleynu Place upon us peace, well-being, blessing, life, grace, love and compassion. — Amida

Divine Presence Within Majesty

Today is the forty-ninth day, making seven weeks of the Omer.
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All of us are sacred vessels, channels through which the Divine flows into this world. Each of us is uniquely formed so as to bring forth a particular aspect of the Mystery. We give thanks for all of who we are. We give thanks for our places in the mysterious unfolding of all creation. We ask that our hands be open and our hearts be pure so that our lives can be of service and, together with all beings, we will bring forth blessing. May my mouth speak wisdom, may the meditations of my heart bring forth understanding. The Holy is revealed through us. — 64 — — Psalm 49:4

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