Teachings for all Yesod days.

Rootedness Within Love

Today is the sixth day of the Omer.
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Sparks of Divinity are hidden within every person, within all experience, within all creation. Seeking these sparks, revealing these sparks, fills the world with love.
We breathe in the love that flows to us from past generations. Rooted in this love we go forward into the expanse.
Practice for today:
Take time to remember and honor the gifts and blessings you received from loved ones who have passed out of this world. Say their names aloud and give thanks for their lives.
May chesed, generous, abiding love, come through me.
— 15 —
— Psalm 119:41

Foundation Within Strength

Today is the thirteenth day, making one week and six days of the Omer.
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Aligning ourselves with the highest will, Grounded in the sacred fire of the earth, We pray to act for the good of all. Practice for today: Take time to feel your strengths, to give honor to your abilities. Make a commitment to use your power to bring benefit and blessing. We are called to act with righteousness, grounded in deep faith. — Psalm 119:138

Connection Within the Heart

Today is the twentieth day, making two weeks and six days of the Omer.
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The Mystery brings transformation. The One answers us in the moment we call. The wellspring rises from deep within the Mystery, filling the heart with truths. Sometimes these truths are welcome and easy to contain, sometimes they are painful and cause a shattering. There is great strength to be found in opening to whatever is coming forth. Practice for today: We ask ourselves: What am I meant to learn, to discover? What truths do I need to integrate? We pray for ourselves and nine others: May my (our) gifts be remembered. May my (our) offerings be received. May my (our) heart’s yearning be granted. May my (our) clearest intentions be fulfilled. — Psalm 20:10 — Psalm 20:4-5

Foundation Within Eternity

Today is the twenty-seventh day, making three weeks and six days of the Omer.
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Wisdom flows through all creation. It is revealed through the trees, the mountains, the songs of the river and the sea. Each blade of grass, each rock and flower has something to teach. The Mystery is waiting to be received. Practice for today: Notice what in the natural world attracts your attention. Spend a few moments wondering what wisdom it conveys. The Mystery says to my heart: Seek my presence. The presence of all that was, all that is, all that will be, I will seek. I am grounded in the Mystery. May my heart be strong and filled with courage. I am grounded in the Mystery. — Psalm 27:8,14

Foundation Within Presence

Today is the thirty-fourth day, making four weeks and six days of the Omer.
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May I have the understanding to cherish the journey and care for it with all my heart. Our souls yearn to live in alignment with all creation, and at times we get so lost and far away. The earth, trees, water and sky call, offering to guide us back to center, back to presence and awareness. May we open to their wisdom and their truths. Practice for today: Sit and allow your imagination to be drawn to something in the natural world that fills you with appreciation and awe: a tree; an open field; the swells of the ocean; a rock, the sky at dawn. Imagine it as fully as you can and let yourself be filled with the sensations of this vision. Breathe into this gift of the natural world, feel its power and wisdom. As you notice your mind wander, use your breath to return again and again to the strength and insight that flows to you from creation. Experience fully the goodness that unfolds. Content is the person who takes refuge in the mystery. — Psalm 119:34 — Psalm 34:9

Foundation Within Foundation

Today is the forty-first day, making five weeks and six days of the Omer.
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In integrity, I am supported. In alignment, I stand before all that is hidden. Blessed are the secrets of eternity. Here we stand, with reverence and awe Our roots firmly planted within the Mystery. Practice for today: — Psalm 41:13-14 Take time to be aware of the earth on which you walk. Feel the ground under your feet. Make contact with someone you haven’t spoken with for a while. Offer a prayer for the healing and well-being of the natural world. May my prayers be rooted May they rise like incense May the offerings of my hands be received as a gift. Psalm 141:2

Foundation Within Majesty

Today is the forty-eighth day, making six weeks and six days of the Omer.
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We give thanks for our teachers and guides. We give thanks for all we have learned. We give thanks for what our lives have revealed.
Practice for today:
We ask ourselves: What can I bring forth from the experiences of my life? What do I have to teach? How can my words and actions reflect
what I hold as most sacred?

I lift my hands to do mitzvot, I lift my hands to love.
The Mystery is revealed through connection. — 63 —
— Psalm 119:48

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