Strength Within Connection

Today is the thirty-seventh day, making five weeks and two days of the Omer.
image version of omer kavannah for day 37
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Trust the unfolding and act well. Dwell in the land, and be nourished by faith The strength of the spiritual warrior who can discern her path and give honor to all Today we honor: The courage that is shaped by practice The guidance that is revealed through faith The clarity that comes from surrender The insight that rises with action. Practice for today: — Psalm 37:3 Take 5-10 minutes to sit. Anchor attention on the breath and feel it fill your body. After a few moments, say to your heart, I trust the unfolding and I will meet it well. Continue to say this phrase, calling your attention back as it wanders, noticing how this affirmation feels in your body and noticing the emotions it stirs. End your sit with three deep calming breaths. Commit yourself to the unfolding path, Trust And guidance will come. — Psalm 37:5

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