Balance Within the Heart

Today is the seventeenth day, making two weeks and three days of the Omer.
image version of omer kavannah for day 17
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Through right action I will awaken to the Divine Presence in all being. — Psalm 17:15 The natural inclination of the heart is to seek balance and truth, to be in harmony, to delight in beauty. And it is so easy to go astray, to lose our balance as confusion clouds our perceptions. It takes practice to return again and again to beauty and love. Practice for today: Take special notice of color and light. Let yourself be surprised by patterns, images and designs. When you feel off balance or notice that confusion arises, shift your attention by seeing and naming something beautiful, something that inspires love. Take notice, the Mystery calls, I am doing a new thing. Right now it is sprouting Suddenly you will know it. —— Isaiah 43:19

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