Glory Within strength

Today is the twelfth day, making one week and five days of the Omer.
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Let this day be a holy vessel. Sit in whatever is. You are filled with Divine light. Feel yourself shine. Practice for today: Take some time to sit. Let your attention rest on your breath. Notice the breath moving through you. After a few minutes, imagine the breath as a clear, pure light. The light might take on color or texture. Notice its qualities. As your mind wanders, draw your attention back to your breath. With each breath in, feel yourself filled with light. With each breath out, watch the light spill out into the world. Notice that even as you breathe out, you remain filled with light. Close the sit by giving thanks. Fulfilled is a person who lives in awe, who deeply desires connection. For him, lights shine in darkness, lights of grace, compassion and justice. — 22 — — Psalm 112:1,4

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