Our Memoir Cookbook: Writings & Recipes

Be part of our delightful, delectable community project!

Why is this cookbook different from all other cookbooks? Because it's not really a cookbook...it's a collection of writings (memoirs, stories, essays) with recipes.

Of course, it's not like other cookbooks, because it’s ours. Because it will hold our stories and our favorite recipes. But, more so, because it is fundamentally unique in its conception...not unlike Mishkan itself. We’ll share something of who we are and how our particular corner of Jewish life is unique, lovely and welcoming.

We're a community of writers and readers, artists and artisans, academics and activists, rabbis, lay leaders, lawyers and more. Over the years, much of Mishkan hasn't looked like other synagogues...why should our Cookbook? Just as our community is ‘come as you are,’ so our collection welcomes the writings and recipes you'd like to share.

If it's your story, it's right for our collection


All members and friends of Mishkan Shalom are warmly welcomed to make submissions. We want to hear your voice! What's your story? Your writings and recipes will make this a collection to treasure!

What kind of writing are we looking for?

We welcome anything from a brief story to introduce your recipe, to a full memoir or essay, with or without a recipe attached. We welcome ‘Jewish’ and other stories, reflecting our lives as they’ve been and as they are, around themes of family, friends, kitchens, cooking, food and sharing meals.

If you can read you can write

Whether you’re a newspaper writer or a novelist, a short-story writer or a poet, an academic writer or a writer of sacred text, we’re calling on you to share your words and your wisdom, your stories, your families, your kitchens and your memories with all of us.

Not a writer? No matter. Everyone has a story! Be inspired. Need some help getting started? We’re happy to help you think it through...just be in touch. Let’s hear what you have to say!

Now is the moment...Don't delay!

We've had such a good response, we've kept the submission process open, but we'll be wrapping-up soon. Don't miss your chance to share your story!

What kinds of recipes are we looking for?

For everyday or holidays, traditional favorites or your latest favorite, if you love it, so will we! Out of respect for our tradition, however, please do not submit any recipes including treyf (intrinsically non-kosher food). Likewise, please refrain from submitting recipes that mix milk and meat.

Submissions are SO easy: Just click here to access our COOKBOOK SUBMISSION FORM

Use our easy online form to submit recipes, stories, poems, title suggestions, questions and comments. For longer works (memoirs, essays), drawings and photographs, complete the submission form as above, and note the item you're sending in the "Comments" box. Then, e-mail it to cookbook@mishkan.org.

Want to help? We'd love to have you join us!

We're now working on editing, layout, design (including photography and artwork), seed funding and pre-sales. If you think you might be able to advise us or would like to join our team for any part of that work, we'd love to hear from you! Just be in touch at cookbook@mishkan.org.

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