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Mishkan is a vibrant community offering a wide range of activities. We invite you to get to know us and see where you'd like to get involved.

You'll find links to learn more about our committees, programs, interest & working groups along with links for all Staff, Board & group contacts, Listserv sign-ups & social media.



Many groups are open to the community, including Spiritual Life gatherings, Tikkun Olam (Social Justice) working groups and Lifelong Learning classes. Our Library is open to the public whenever the building is open.

Mishkan has provided fertile ground for the growth of pathbreaking programs, each now serving the wider community:



Shawn Zevit: Lead Rabbi
Yael Levy: Rabbi; Director, A Way In: Jewish Mindfulness Program
Rabbi Joysa Winter: Education Director including teens and Life-Long Learning 
Maria Paranzino: Office Administrator
Gari J. Weilbacher: Communications & Membership Manager
Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer: Educator; Program Coordinator, Celebrations!
Mr. Charles: Custodian
Brian Kelly: Handyman



The Board of Directors guides our community in accordance with:
Our Statement of Principles, Our By-Laws & Our Strategic Plan

President: Ellen Tichenor

Vice-President: Steve Jones

Secretary/Board Representative for Communications: Rosalind Spigel

Communications Team:
     Staff: Gari Weilbacher, Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer, Maralin Blistein
     Website Content Coordinator: Gari Weilbacher, Writer/Editor
     Kol Shalom (monthly newsletter): Eileen Levinson, Editor
          Graphic Designer: Maralin Blistein
     Ma Hadash (weekly e-update): Maralin Blistein, Graphic Designer
     Facebook: Gabrielle Kaplan-Meyer
     Video & YouTube Channel
     Community Bulletin Boards:
     Listserve: Seth Horwitz, Moderator "The OneList," our members-only listserve, to share questions, requests, announcements & more.]

Treasurer: Ellen Steiker

Finance Committee: Ellen Steiker, Treasurer, Chair, Rabbi: Shawn Zevit (ex officio)

Membership & Community: Marcy Boroff, Board Representative

Membership & Community Committee: Acting Chair: Marcy Boroff
     Staff: Gari Weilbacher, Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Maria Paranzino
     Brit HaMishkan: Sarah Katz, Coordinator and Meredith Mann [Read our Brit HaMishkan/Community Covenant]
Acts of Caring: Gene Bishop, Stephanie Shell, Coordinators
     Hineini: Lisa Mervis, Sharon Sigal, Chris Taranta,Coordinators [Request/provide short-term support.]
     [Sign-up for Acts of Caring, our members-only listserve, to share happy & sad news, requests for support & more.]

Open to members & non-members:

Village Shabbat: Marcy Boroff, Coordinator
Men of Mishkan: Marc Jacobs, Mark Heller, Facilitators
Weekend in the Woods: Lisagail Zeitlin, Lisa Moss, Co-chairs [Prospective members & friends welcome.]
     Staff: Rabbi Shawn Zevit
Mah Jongg at Mishkan: Susan Schewel, Coordinators [All welcome.]

Tikkun Olam: Seth Horwitz, Board Representative

Sustainable Mishkan: Billy Linstead Goldsmith/Julie Meyer Coordinators

Israel Programs: Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Coordinator

Open to members & non-members; all welcome:

New Sanctuary/Immigration Refugee Working Group: Michael Ramberg, Judi Bernstein-Baker, Coordinators
Romero Interfaith Center/Interfaith Community Building Group: Lance Laver, Contact
63rd Street Shelter/Urban Resource Development GroupRivka Jarosh, Coordinator, Lance Laver, Coordinator

Mishkan Shalom’s participation with public organizations [all welcome]:

POWER: Steve Newman, Lisagail Zeitlin, Margaret Lenzi, Coordinators
Interfaith Hospitality Network:Tsura August, Coordinators
Interfaith Peace Walk: Lance Laver, Peter Handler, Brenda Lazin, Coordinators
J. Proud Jewish Philly LGBTQ Consortium: Pat Quigley, Rivka Jarosh,Representatives

Spiritual Life: Alan Tuttle, Board Representative

Spiritual Life Council: Steve Jones, Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Rabbi Yael Levy, Co-Chairs
Leyning Coordinator: Rod MacNeil 

Open to members & non-members; all welcome:

Torah Study: Eugene Sotirescu, Coordinator
     Staff: Rabbi Shawn Zevit
A Way In: Jewish Mindfulness Program
     Director: Rabbi Yael Levy
     Phyllis Meyers, President
     Community Contacts/Lunch Coordinators: Jim Feldman, Lance Laver, Carol Towarnicky
Tot Shabbat & Pajama Shabbat
Rabbi Joysa Winter
Shabbat Family Program:
Rabbi Joysa Winter
Pause & Refresh Your Soul: An Exploration of Shabbat Unplugging
Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Rabbi Simcha Zevit: Leaders
Spiritual Direction Circle (Hashpa'ah): Meredith Barber
Rosh Hodesh Monthly Service: Wendy Galson, Susan Windle, Shoshanah Bricklin: Coordinators

Spiritual Direction Group for Parents of Children with Special Needs: Andrea Madden, Coordinator

High Holidays:
     Staff: Rabbi Shawn Zevit
     Logistics Coordinators: Seth Horwitz,Alyssa Posoff

Education: Amy Segel, Board Representative

Education Committee: Odamis Fernandez, Committee Chair
     Staff: Rivka Jarosh
     Congregational School Co-op:
          Class Parents                       Mishkanathon         Hanukkah Bazaar         Model Seder
          Pizza/Concession Stand        Skating Party          Purim Carnival
     B’nai Mitzvah Program & Co-op
     Community Flea Market & Crafts Fair: Lisa Moss, Sharon Gornstein: Coordinators
Lifelong Learning Committee: Rabbi Joysa, Committee Chair
Library Committee/One Book Mishkan: Adam Blistein, Committee Chair
Teen Programs:
     Staff: Rabbi Joysa Winter, Rabbi Shawn Zevit
Makhelat Micha’el: Mishkan Community Choir: Community Contact:Nancy Post
     Conductor: Miriam Davidson
Celebrations! & Mitzvah Menshes:
     Program Coordinator: Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer

Building & Site: Scott Barkan

Aesthetics & Building Committee/Yahrzeit Memorial: Lance Laver Committee Chair
Site Stewards: Elissa Goldberg, Deenah Loeb, Community Contacts
Rentals: Bob Kaufman, Coordinator

Strategic Planning & Leadership Development: Janet Garretson and Stephanie Shell, Board Representative

Leadership Development Committee: Peter Handler, Stephanie Shell, Rosalind Spigel

Development: Lisagail Zeitlin, Board Representative

Fundraising Committee: TBD, Committee Chair
     Mishkan@30 ReGeneration Staff: Gari Weilbacher

B’nai Mitzvah Program & Co-op:Rabbi Joysa, Coordinator
Tot Shabbat: Rivka Jarosh, Coordinator
Torah Study: Eugene Fleischman Sotirescu, Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Coordinators
POWER: Steve Newman, Lisagail Zeitlin, Margaret Lenzi, Coordinators
Teen Va’ad* Leadership Seminar: Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Rabbi Yael Levy (*"council")
Yad L’Yad Awards: Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Ellen Tichenor, Sharon Gornstein, Coordinators
Weekend in the Woods: Lisagail Zeitlin, Lisa Moss, Co-chairs




4101 Freeland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19128 - ph: (215) 508-0226 / office@mishkan.org Site map