Membership Information 5778, 2017–2018

Thank you for joining or rejoining Mishkan Shalom for 5778 — the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017. Your support sustains our vibrant community! This form gives us information to update our Membership Directory and keep us current, so please complete each section.

To those considering joining our community: We invite you to contact Marcy Boroff, Membership Contact to arrange for a tour of the synagogue and to meet with Rabbi Shawn. Consistent with our values and Statement of Principles, we ask that each household makes an informed decision based on Mishkan Shalom’s needs and your financial circumstances. We are committed to the principle that those with means will give more, and those with less will give up to their ability. 

We do not have “categories” of membership. Our goal is that households who can afford it, contribute $2,500 or more in dues. This is the same or less than most similar-sized congregations charge for dues. This amount enables us to cover at least 60% or more of expenditures through dues with the rest coming from rent, program income, fundraising events, and additional donations. Now is a great time to build on our successes and rebuild average dues to where they need to be. To further guide your decision, we have developed the following Membership Commitment Levels. We hope that you will give with a full heart.

  • To Guard from Generation to Generation - Lishmur l'Dor v'Dor, $5,000 and up
    At this level, you provide that extra financial support to ensure that Mishkan Shalom continues to be a vital community from generation to generation.

  • To Succeed—L’hatsliakh, $3,500 to $4,999
    At this level, you help Mishkan Shalom succeed (l’hatsliakh) as a strong and growing community by providing extra support for staff and educational programs.

  • To Sustain—Litmokh, $2,501 to $3,499
    At this level, you help to sustain (litmokh) us by providing the share needed to cover the dues portion of Mishkan Shalom’s operating expenses, recognizing that not all of our households can give at this level. The average dues of $2500 is needed to meet around 60% of our expenses, this is a vital level for building our community and our Mishkan.

  • To Build—Livnot, $1,800 to $2,499  
    At this level, you help Mishkan Shalom build (livnot) connections between all members.

  • To Grow—L’hagdil, $750 to $1,799
    In this level, you help Mishkan Shalom grow (L’hagdil) in many important ways. It is also appropriate for those who are members of another synagogue or faith community.

  • Mishkan Shalom's policy is Open Door— Delet Petukha, $749 or less. We open our doors to all. Special circumstances or hardships, stages of life, temporary situations may put all the suggested levels out of reach. We welcome you as a full member.

Feel free to send in your check or pay by credit card online below. Mishkan Shalom requires at least your form submission (online or by printed form sent in to the office) and an initial payment, under the payment plan you have selected below, for you to be carried on our membership rolls.

You can complete it and email it back to:
You can print it out, complete it and return it to the office or mail it to:
Mishkan Shalom, 4101 Freeland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19128

You can pay online even if you complete the downloaded (printed) Membership Form.

Note: Memberships (and these listings) are by household. If your household includes two adult members, make one of you Member 1 and the other Member 2. We will alphabetize the directory under the name of Member 1, with a cross-reference listing under the name of Member 2. Note: School Enrollment Forms are available from the school or by clicking SCHOOL here. Tuition may be paid either by check or by clicking TUITION here.

Please tell us which describes you.


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