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Immigration Working Group Meeting:

Mishkan's Next Steps with New Sanctuary Movement

Wednesday, September 17, 7:00 p.m.

We’ll discuss Mishkan's work with the New Sanctuary Movement. We'll hear from Nicole, a NSM organizer, about how support from Mishkan and other NSM member congregations helped make possible our major victory ending Police/ICE cooperation. We'll also explore how Mishkan will work with NSM moving ahead, including the possibility of accompanying another family facing deportation.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Michael Ramberg.

Celebrate Victory for Pedro Romero and his Family, Mishkan Shalom & The New Sanctuary Movement

May 23, 2014: Potluck Dinner, 5:30 p.m.; Kabbalat Shabbat, 7:00 p.m.

We won! Join us for a celebratory potluck dinner and Shabbat service. Please bring a meat-free dish to share. Come congratulate Pedro and his family, enjoy good food and hear stories of our victory to strengthen us in our determination to achieve much greater victories for freedom.

Immigration Working Group Coordinator Rabbi Michael Ramberg writes: "According to a asidic teaching, the more we retell unlikely victories in the struggle for freedom, the more able we will be to bring about even greater freedom in the future. As one of the Mishkan members who took part in our accompaniment of Pedro Romero and his family for close to two years, through our membership in the New Sanctuary Movement, I feel that I witnessed a very unlikely victory. In mid-January Pedro’s deportation was finally definitively canceled and he and his family are no longer facing the terrifying prospect of his deportation."

Stay tuned to learn more about how to take part in Mishkan’s next opportunity to accompany a family facing deportation.

City Council Public Hearings on Deportation

These historic City Council hearings investigated the collaboration between Philadelphia police and federal immigration authorities. These are the city policies which caused the initial jeopardy to the Romero family, as Philadelphia families are routinely deported because of unjust deportation policies. Many members of the community attended the hearing to demand that Philadelphia stop deporting our community members and to show their support for justice, dignity and hospitality for all.

Philadelphia Inquirer story on recent developments in this struggle.

WHYY coverage of a press conference at which NSM and allies expressed our hopes for the resolution of this issue.


Mishkan Shalom is a proud member of the New Sanctuary Movement, an interfaith, multicultural immigrant justice organization that organizes for justice, dignity, and hospitality for all, regardless of immigration status.

For more information: (215) 279-7060


WHYY Story on Mishkan's Accompaniment of Pedro Romero and his Family on The Pulse

The New Sanctuary Movement was featured on Philadelphia's local public radio station WHYY-FM 90.9 Reporter Yowei Shaw's story on the mental health impact of deportation and immigration features their innovative Accompaniment Program and their work to combat the devastating emotional health impact of deportation.


The New Sanctuary Movement’s Accompaniment Program pairs immigrants facing deportation with allied faith communities to build mutual relationships, keep families together and organize for immigrant justice. The radio story, featured on the radio show The Pulse, chronicles the accompaniment between member congregations Mishkan Shalom and Visitation BVM Parish.


Questions? Contact Rabbi Michael Ramberg

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