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Thank you for being a member of Mishkan Shalom!


Thinking about the ikar/essence of what Mishkan Shalom offers, take a moment to reflect on what role this spiritual community plays in your life and the life of your family. Now, more than ever, our interdependence is evident.

Please click here to begin the renewal process if you are already a Mishkan Shalom member or if you are interested in exploring a more ongoing connection to our spiritually activist Jewish community.


Documents of interest to members may be accessed (by members only) by logging-on to the website. For members who have not yet registered on the site, please LOG-IN on the MAIN MENU ABOVE to create a new account. Be sure to register your real name so we can identify you! Please allow a few days for your membership status to be confirmed.

The OneList (a.k.a. "the listserv") provides ongoing opportunities for conversation, reflection, inquiries and invitations. A lively forum for announcements, discussions, requests for suggestions or guidance from fellow members, the OneList is rich in resources and community connection.

You can choose how often you receive they come in or via daily, or weekly, digest. You can subscribe/unsubscribe at any time. Everyone is asked to abide by our Guidelines for Discussion on the Mishkan Listserv drawn from teachings from our tradition. The OneList is moderated by Seth Horwitz, who is happy to answer any questions you may have. He's the one to contact to be placed on the list or removed from it.

Acts of Caring & Hineini We share information about our community's needs and coordinate short-term, practical assistance for fellow members, through Acts of Caring and Hineini emails. Learn more here.

Yahrzeit Memorial Tiles Our memorial, located in Mishkan's main stairwell, is composed of beautiful, hand-crafted, amber glass tiles with names of the departed. We welcome memorial names from members and friends of Mishkan Shalom. Please click here for more information.

Board of Directors & Guiding Documents: Statement of Principles, By-Laws & Strategic Plan Get to know our Board members and read the documents, lovingly crafted by your fellow members, which guide our community.

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