Free, Downloadable pdf: Blessings for Each Night of Chanukah from Rabbi Yael Levy

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For a mindful Chanukah, we invite you to look beyond the traditional narrative of a great military victory to  focus on the lights of Chanukah and how they resonate in our lives. To help you, A Way In has prepared Chanukah Flames of Rededication, a free, downloadable .pdf of the blessings for lighting Chanukah candles in Hebrew, transliteration -- and in Rabbi Yael Levy's contemporary translations.

For example, the traditional blessings are rendered, "Blessed is the Mystery that calls us into connection and lifts up our awareness through the flames of the Chanukah lights" and "Blessed is the Mystery that brings forth miracles in every moment."

In addition, Rabbi Yael has provided a special kavanah -- intention -- for each candle, including gratitude and refuge, expanded vision and open doors, messengers, time and rededication.

"The mystics teach that the light of Chanukah is the light of chen -- Grace, a gift of pure love," says Rabbi Yael. "May we recognize the light in ourselves and the light in each other and may we call each other forth to shine."

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