For Summer Travelers: Prayer for the Journey

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Here is an interpretive translation by Rabbi Yael of the traditional t’fillat ha derechk—the Prayer for the Journey. It is traditional to say this prayer while standing after going a little way down the path. 

May the One who flows through all creation lead us toward peace.

May we go forward in peace.

May each footstep be walked in the ways of peace.

And may we arrive to our desired destination for life, expansive joy and peace.

Let our paths be protected and all our journeys be safe. 

May blessings come through the work of our hands. 

Let us see the world with eyes of grace, love and compassion. 

And let our deepest values and visions find voice. 

Blessed is the Mystery that calls us present. 

Blessed is the open heart that listens.


Take notice, I send an angel to guide you on your way

and to bring you to the place I have prepared.            

(Exodus 23:20




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