Find Joy and Gladness

A Way In Jewish Mindfulness

Let all who seek You find joy and gladness.

May love of Your presence inspire our words and exalt our spirits.

-Psalm 70:5


How does joy feel in our body?

How does experiencing love shape our perceptions and our actions?


Tending the Fire: Jewish Mindfulness teachings and suggestions for practice by Rabbi Yael Levy.

A perpetual fire shall be kept burning on the altar - it shall not go out. -Leviticus 6:6


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translation of Psalms

Hello Dear Rabbi Levy. Your postings during the Counting of The Omer, were such a source of sustenance and inspiration to my family and my self. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
I am wondering if the translations of the Psalms are your own, or if there is a translation from Hebrew to English that you would reccomend. I have found the language itself (of the Psalms in your postings) to be so lyrical that it cuts straight thru to the heart and sets it aflame. This has not been my experience with other translations, so any direction you can offer would be muchly appreciated.
With Love and Gratitude,

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