Everything Passes, Yet I Remain, Rest in Me

On Shabbat Kedoshim, some of us gathered at the beautiful home of Kris and Mark Soffa for a half-day mindfulness retreat. The omer day of netzach sh’ b gevurah -- Eternity within Discernment and Shabbat Kedoshim (You shall be Holy) -- raised these teachings:

The One speaks to our hearts, saying:

Everything passes,

Yet I remain

Rest in Me,

You shall be Holy—You and all creation are holy

Know yourself as sacred vessels through which holiness flows into the world

Each of us are formed in our unique way so as to bring forth our offerings for the benefit of all. We are holy.

Sitting together and walking outside in the beauty of spring brought great comfort and clarity to my soul.

I was surprised by how much I was able to sink into the practice as I was leading.

I think it had a lot to do with the space and the presence of so much love and willingness among everyone in the room.

I would love to hear about the experiences of the people who were there -- or what these teachings bring up for you. 

And look I forward to seeing many of you during the week of netzach when there will be many opportunities to join together.


Thank you for Mishkan Mindfulness

Holding the mindfulness retreat at the house was a welcome honor for Mark and me and for our house.

As we prayed together, it felt like the space around us became holy as well.

Even though all the recognizable acts of singing, sitting, walking meditation, conscious eating and praying are done individually,

the combined effect of doing it together sparks a palpable shift from the gift of community.

As we moved through the day in silence, it deepened my appreciation of the power of praying together

and the blessings of prayerful energy in our home.

We are deeply grateful for the retreat and for the soulful journey we made together in the company of new friends and old.

Here's to More Mishkan Mindfulness!

Thank you Yael

(and thank you Bea, Phyllis, Carol & Jim for your leadership and support to make it all possible)

Sunshine and Clouds

This year, I am having a difficult time with the truth that everything passes. Intellectually, I know that things do not, cannot stay the same -- and that change can be for good. But in the real world, I find myself still trying to hold on . . . Saturday was a day of changeable weather: It seemed cloudy and threatening for a few minutes and then the sun would peek through, only to be replaced by clouds again. I found that to be a perfect metaphor for my reality these days.

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