Human Rights Shabbat and Hebrew School with Rabbi Yael

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Sat, 12/07/2019 - 10:00am

Shabbat services will focus on immigration and human rights. The adult service will host Lara and Laial Bitar,young women from Homs,Syria where they and their family's lives were threatened because of their Christian faith. Shabbat School will give our students an opportuniy to learn about immigrants rights with representatives from the New Sanctuary Movement and Rabbi Michael Ramberg. Each class will also attend Shabbt services. 

Lara and Laial Bitar were particularly at risk of being attacked. At one point, their Muslim neighbors took them in and hid them in their basement to protect them from fundamentalists who were killing Christians like themselves. After fleeing to the mountains, they learned their lifetime home was destroyed. Lara and Laial managed to get to the U.S. to study. After they came here, more violence occurred, including the shooting of a cousin. Because of the danger and the war, they could not return to Syria and applied for asylum which was granted after more than two years of waiting. Today they work in a hospital doing administrative work and Arab interpretation.They will share their experiences in Syria and their hopes for the future in the U.S.

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