Palestinians & Israelis: Perceptions of One Another & the Ideologies Underlying the Conflict at the home of Harold and Natalie Gorvine

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Thu, 11/07/2019 - 7:30pm

Join others in this first session of a 2-part discussion at the home of Harold and Natalie Gorvine. Zionism and the Arab Awakening represent the rise of two national movements. The Palestinians and the Zionists became enemies and fought each other for control of Palestine. Surprisingly however, many Palestinians collaborated with the Zionists; we shall discuss why and how all of this happened at this first session.

Second Session: To what extent did/do Anti-Zionism and Post-Zionism among Jews and non-Jews represent legitimate criticisms? To what extent were/are they anti-Semitic? Is it possible to differentiate between the two attitudes? A third session may be added depending on participant interest. Please call Harold or Natalie for location: 610-853-2084.



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