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Sun, 10/27/2019 - 9:30am

Every year all the Congregational School students at Mishkan Shalom raise funds for the school while doing good work on behalf of the environment. Working with the synagogue’s site stewards, grades Gan-Aleph-Bet and Dalet will plant flowers, trees and shrubs on the Mishkan grounds while the older students in Hey, Vav and Zayin go to the Wissahickon. To volunteer, contact Bob Prischak and click here to make a donation or sponsor a student!

Our Mishkan site stewards remind us that the Mishkanathon work is about Habitat-creation so we pick up trash, clear invasive species from our stream/property and plant only native species.  Similarly, our Mishkanathon Wissahickon work helps eradicate invasive plants and replant native species that support local ecology/wildlife.


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