Lifelong Learning: Soul Collage with Susan Richards

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Sun, 02/10/2019 - 1:00pm
It has been a while since we have focused on the Community Suit.  Those of us who want to can do so in February, though of course you can make whatever cards want to be made then, regardless of suit.  I definitely want to add to the positive energies accompanying me in 2019.  


This is what SoulCollage®’s founder Seena Frost said about it:   THE COMMUNITY SUIT excerpts from Seena Frost’s SoulCollage® Evolving   The Community suit contains cards for those beings that impact your personal story with their special energy.   Select your Community guides from ancestors, family, friends, teachers, healers, even pets. You may know these beings personally, or you may know them through their art, writing, or special deeds. They may be alive or dead, but they should be historical and not mythic.   What you are identifying and honoring is their special kind of energy and its impact on your Soul. It is this being’s unique perspective which you will ask for when you draw its card for a reading.   The cards in the Community suit are the most intentional of the SoulCollage® cards. If you don’t have an actual photograph, make the card with symbolic images that are suggestive of the person’s primary energy for you.   Share the cards with the people you have chosen to honor if they are alive and available.   Do not put a being into your deck who is totally toxic to you. Expect surprising synchronicities; watch for them and enjoy them. Your Community reflects back to you who you are and so the gifts you see in them are also present in you.

$40.00 per session; includes all supplies (members and non-members)
Maximum 12 participants for this workshop

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