5778 Adult Ed - Pause and Refresh

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Sat, 03/17/2018 - 4:30pm

Led by Rabbis Shawn and Simcha Zevit at their home in Mt. Airy (address provided upon registration). Monthly reflection, study and song that blend Shabbat afternoon tradition and reflection with text study, contemplation, prayer and spiritual practice, all connected to this year’s theme of keeping our eye on life- our commitments, choices, time and energy for the a sustainable and just world. 

Throughout the year we will explore the Jewish approaches to middot, (Values, characteristics, virtues) focusing session by session on different middot we might take on to live our lives more fully, consciously and in relation to the people and world we are part of. See http://reformjudaism.org/study-48-middot, http://www.phillymussar.org/middot.html  and http://www.torahaura.com/samples/44309.pdf  .    

$10.00/session (members); $15.00/session (non-members). We will not collect money on Shabbat.

Additional session:  Apr 28

                                                                                                                                  Please register and pay in advance via the website.

4101 Freeland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19128 - ph: (215) 508-0226 / office@mishkan.org Site map