Fold It Up - Making Hamentaschen

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Thu, 02/22/2018 - 6:30pm

We hate Haman, but we don’t hate hamentaschen! Purim is a perfect example of the traditional Jewish story: they tried to destroy us, we won, let’s eat! Have you always wanted to know how to make hamentaschen, or just want to make them with your fellow Mishkaners? Come roll the dough and choose your favorite filling with Jean Brody in a hamentaschen-baking night of revelry. 

Jean will bring the ingredients; you bring a bowl, rolling pin, and cookie sheet so you can take your filled cookies home to finish baking.          

To ensure we have enough ingredients, PLEASE pre-register$10 members/$15 non-members

Purim costumes optional. 

4101 Freeland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19128 - ph: (215) 508-0226 / Site map