Teen Event - The GREAT HEIST! Escape Room with Tri-Shul Youth Group

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Sat, 02/10/2018 - 7:00pm

Join GJC, Folkshul, and Mishkan Shalom teens in our new Tri-Shul Youth Group! For our second event, we will be trying a new escape room adventure with a twist! Our group will be fleeing from an infected Zombie as we try to make it to the quarantine zone within the time limit and save our friends from the growing zombie infection! This is an event you can't miss!!

NEW LOCATION: Project Escape Room                 1495 Alan Wood Rd, Conshohocken             THE GREAT HEIST! CAR POOL AVAILABLE FROM MISHKAN SHALOM:                 Drop off @Mishkan @6pm (Julia Weekes & Claire Brunhild will be offering rides to any teens who need transportation assistance).                 Pick up@ Mishkan @9:45pm  Cost: $25 per teen, including Mystery Dinner!   RSVP link:: https://tinyurl.com/yd8gnpe4  

Parents must sign the congregational release form which you can get by clicking here.

Please email Claire@mishkan.org for more information and to get the release form. 


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