5778 Adult Ed - Roll It Up: Rugelach Baking

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Wed, 12/06/2017 - 6:00pm

Celebrated in the Mishkan community for her cinnamon challah, Pat Quigley is branching out to another application of her baking talents--Rugelach. Together with Pat we’ll roll out, fill in and roll up some of these Eastern European pastries; mix up a batch of dough to roll out at home; and review some rugelach lore and alternative recipes.

Come to the class with a large mixing bowl and a wooden spoon; return home with some freshly baked rugelach samples and dough to pop into your refrigerator until you’re ready for your own rugelach rollout just in time for Hanukah.

 You’ll also bring home several recipes, including a vegan alternative. Participation essentials: Pre-registration and your own mixing bowl with wooden spoon.

To ensure we have enough ingredients, PLEASE pre-register. $10 members/$15 non-members

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