5778 Adult Ed - Eyes On Life - An Exploration

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Wed, 11/01/2017 - 6:30pm

This New Year, 5778, calls us to lift our eyes, to see clearly and engage fully with the blessings and challenges of life. Together we will explore how Jewish tradition, insight and practices, and contemporary understandings can guide us on our journey.Through text study, reflection, meditation, writing and discussion we will explore these themes.

How can our teachings help us focus on what is most essential in our lives and live in alignment with the time we find ourselves in?

How can we be inspired to step in, embrace the gifts of life and commit ourselves to being part of the healing and transformation?

Throughout our exploration we will support each other in articulating our visions and actualizing the call to live with Eyes on Life.

This course will run throughout the year and be taught by Rabbis Yael and Shawn and as well as other guests.   

  Fall series of 3 sessions: $40 members/$60 non-members.

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