Seventh Night Seder

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Sun, 04/16/2017 - 7:00pm

On the seventh night of Passover, known as Shvi'ee shel Pesach, the Jewish mystical tradition holds that the Israelites passed through the parted Red Sea. This seventh night marks the final conclusion of the Egyptian bondage.

Our seder is preceded by a short service and Yiskor.

This seder does not center around a meal, but rather traces the journey out of oppression into liberation and gives us an opportunity to discuss and integrate what Passover insights we have gained this year. The program will be based on an inspiring Seventh Night Haggadah developed by Rabbi Rayzel Raphael and Dr. Simcha Raphael and adapted by Rabbi Shawn Zevit.

On the last days of Passover we have the ability to tune in to a Divine energy which allows us to put the finishing touch on our personal redemption which commenced by the First and Second Night Seders. Come and join us for this inspiring and enlightening journey!

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