March for a Clean Energy Revolution

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 12:00pm
ELDERS MARCHING for a Clean Energy Revolution.   We come together because: We stand as Elders ­--as elders have always done for their communities -- for all children and for those who are waiting to be born in the ages to come.  For their sake we March for a Clean Energy Revolution so that there will be for them, as there was for us, blue sky, fruitful land, clear waters and a thriving and just world for all.  We invite all who wish to stand for, and march for, future generations to join us.

We gather at 12 noon, and the March begins at the Philadelphia City Hall at 1pm and proceeds for 1 mile to Independence Mall.

For more information contact:  Lynne Iser, or Hazel Chandler,


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