Mindfulness Sit with Rabbi Yael

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Thu, 01/21/2016 - 8:00am

We invite you to join the community of semi-regular participants in our Thursday morning Meditation Sits. Beginning promptly at 8 a.m. in the third floor chapel at Mishkan Shalom, Rabbi Yael provides a kavanah (intention) inspired by the week's parasha (Torah portion) or the cycle of Jewish time. We sit in silence for 25 minutes, focusing on the breath or on a special word or phrase. When (not if) the mind wanders, we bring ourselves back by focusing on how we breathe, and are breathing; the life force that is present in all being.

'Beginners' are welcome, but in many ways, we are all beginners.

The sits happen every Thursday except on Jewish holidays. In case of inclement weather, a cancellation notice will appear on this page: Sharing Silence at Thursday Morning Meditation Sits.


A Way In: Jewish Mindfulness Program

A Way In was developed by Rabbi Yael Levy while serving, part-time, as a rabbi at Mishkan Shalom. A Way In offers services and programs at Mishkan and other locations and hosts a vibrant online community. Mishkan Shalom and A Way In share a mutually-supportive relationship, committed to having both organizations thrive.


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