Rosh Chodesh Tevet: Bless the New Moon

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Sun, 12/13/2015 - 7:00pm

Please join the celebration of the new moon of Tevet, and the 8th night of Hanukkah, with Mishkan Shalom’s open Rosh Hodesh group, now in our 7th year. Honoring our Jewish calendar and its roots in earth-based spiritual traditions, we let the moon choose the evening of our gathering. We will review the challenges/blessings, the bitter and the sweet, of Kislev and welcome Tevet with chant and ritual. We will enjoy the contemplative savoring of chocolate (and round fruit), sanctified by our own Blessing for Chocolate.

Please bring Hanukkiot and candles for the final candle-lighting of Hanukkah.

Tevet honors the Nitivah (archetype) of Doreshet: The Seeker. The Seeker is the eternal pilgrim. Her task is to move from her fixed place so that she may learn. In Genesis, we learn that Rebekah the matriarch goes to seek the Divine Presence so that she may learn why her pregnancy is so painful. The Seeker is a questioner, always asking anew why things are the way they are. She is also the interpreter and scholar, finding new ways to understand truth. The Seeker is a listener, desiring to hear the truth of others. Her gifts are questioning and listening, traveling, intellectual inquiry, pilgrimage, and dialogue work of all kinds.

Mishkan Shalom's open Rosh Hodesh celebrations use chant, the rhythmic and musical repetition of a sacred phrase, as taught by Rabbi Shefa Gold and the teachings of Rabbi Jill Hammer and the Hebrew Priestess (Kohenet) tradition as taught in the Hebrew Priestess Institute. We chant at Rosh Hodesh to support deeper exploration of our lives in relation to the movement of the moon.

Although Rosh Hodesh has been traditionally a women’s practice, these gatherings explore aspects of the divine feminine (Shechinah) and are open to all who wish to explore their spiritual lives in this way.

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See dates and details of future celebrations on our Rosh Hodesh page.

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