Congregational School Registration

A warm welcome to new students and families and a hearty "welcome back" to returning students and families!

Below are links to download all Congregational School Forms for 5779 (2018 - 2019) and a link to make tuition payments online.

Remember, for your registration to be complete, you must submit your Membership Renewal Form, or register as a new member household of Mishkan Shalom, along with your membership deposit. Here's the link to all Membership information and forms.

Let's get registered! (Updates for 5779 coming soon.)

Rivka Jarosh, Principal, Letter to Parents 5778

Congregational School Registration Form 5779

Congregational School Co-op Form 5778

Congregational School Emergency Form 5778

Learning Challenges Form

Online Tuition Payments

Please don't hesitate to contact Rabbi Joysa Winter, Congregational School Principal, if you have any questions or concerns.

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